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Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP)

A flexible way to get incentives for using less energy.

Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP) is a flexible Demand Response (DR) program. When you participate in ELRP, not only do you conserve energy and help the environment, but you also receive financial incentives to use less energy during grid emergencies. While you’re relieving stress on the grid to help prevent power shortages in your community, you’ll earn $2 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) reduced during ELRP events, with zero penalties if you can’t participate.

Who’s eligible for ELRP?

If you’re a non-residential (commercial, industrial, or agricultural) individual SCE bundled-service customer, a Community Choice Aggregation Service customer, or a Direct Access customer, and meet the following criteria, you’re eligible and encouraged to directly enroll in ELRP:

  • Able to reduce load by at least 1 kW during an event
  • Not currently enrolled in any other market-integrated demand response program with the exception of SCE’s Base Interruptible Program, Summer Discount Plan, and Agricultural and Pumping Interruptible Program
  • May be enrolled in either Real-Time Pricing or Critical Peak Pricing rate plans

Aggregators in SCE’s Base Interruptible Program (BIP) or Capacity Bidding Program (CBP), and virtual power plant, vehicle grid integration, and non-residential aggregators, as well as third-party DR providers, are also eligible. If you’re enrolled with an aggregator or third-party DR provider, be sure to contact them for program information. And if you’re enrolled in BIP through an aggregator, they have the first option to enroll in ELRP (if they choose not to enroll in ELRP, then you won’t be able to participate). More information on the aggregator programs is available in the Aggregator / DRP FAQ.

How does ELRP work?

As a business customer, you’re empowered to take advantage of cost and energy savings when you reduce load during grid emergencies.

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) activates ELRP events. You’ll typically be notified of Day-Ahead events by 5 p.m. the day prior, and shortly after CAISO issues its notice for Day-Of events. If you’re enrolled in BIP, you’ll only be compensated for overlapping ELRP/BIP event periods. You’ll find more details on how ELRP events are activated in the Customer FAQ under “What will trigger an event?”.

Get started today to help manage your company’s energy use and benefit from earned incentives. To directly enroll, click Enroll Now and complete your application. Once confirmed, you’ll be able to start receiving opportunities to reduce your energy use in response to ELRP events.

ELRP runs between May and October each year, and events may occur any day of the week from 4 – 9 p.m. Events last from one to five hours and may be called on consecutive days based on grid conditions – but you won’t be asked to participate for more than 60 hours per year.

One of the best features of ELRP is its flexibility. Participation is completely voluntary, with no financial penalties if you can’t meet (or if you exceed) your load reduction nomination. You’ll still earn $2 per kWh for all the incremental load you reduce during events, even if you exceed your nomination amount.

If you’re directly enrolled, your compensation will come as bill credits. If you participate through an aggregator or third-party DR provider, contact them for information on how you’ll receive your incentives. Enroll now to start reducing your energy use in exchange for financial benefits.

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